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Hi derick,

you have to follow the nex steps:

1- Go to the menu plugin -> editor

2- Choose the plugin Azul – Responsive… from the dropdown in the top right.

3- In the list on the right choose the file azul_plugin/themes/theme.php

4- Then, you have to choose the file azul_plugin/themes/css/style.css. You have to edit this file.

5- If you want to edit the paragraph in about, you have to find the class about-text. This class has the attribute column-count. You can change it or delete it.

6- And the other option to change this paragraph is change the width. To make this, you have to edit the file azul_plugin/themes/theme.php. In this file, you have to find the section ‘About’ and the paragraph is in the next div:

<div class="col-md-5 col-md-offset-1">
			    	<div class="about-text fadeOut-2">
			    		<?php echo azul_top('about_text') ?>

To make wider the paragraph you can change the first class. Now it’s col-md-5 col-me-offset-1. These classes are from Bootstrap 3. You can view the different options in the Bootstrap documentation.