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  • Menu: add the next code to the option Custom CSS in the page Appearance > Customize > Custom Code:
    .main-menu nav ul{
         text-align: center;
  • Social links: you have to edit the file header.php from the page Appearance > Editor. In this page, select this file from the right list. Do you know php language? In this file, edit the links inside the div with the class .header-left-options and add the code target=”_blank”.
  • HTML: what html do you want to add? If you want that, you have to edit the file footer.php from the same page as the previous point.
  • Loader: about this option, you have to edit the theme a bit. If you want, it is easier to me if you create a new user for me in your admin panel. In that way, I can make the changes and check if they work fine. You can trust me, I have done this with other users and there were no problems.