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Alan Brain


Thanks a lot. I will change the review now.

I am sure that after the update of WP Bakery, the padding in most pages stopped working correctly. So, I believe that is causing issues number 1, 4 and 5. And, once you get back to the previous version of WP Bakery and you test homepage in mobile and desktop.

For issue number 1, is that the first paragraphs of home page have padding issues (that is probably the WP Bakery update) and also that in mobile, the paragraphs appear in inverted order. I am sure that is the only two things that may need fixing. Hopefully, once you revert WP Bakery to previous version, issues 4 and 5 should be fixed but if they do not.

Then just fix one portfolio with MP3 and one without MP3 and I will replicate those settings into the others portfolios so you do not need to them all.

Where do I send you the login credentials? Should I post them here?