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Alan Brain


Thanks for your help!

1. Regarding the header issue at 992ppx can you send me a link of a screenshot to see the problem? I can’t see it. I see the header working fine on my laptop, my desktop and my cell phone.

2. I remove all the padding in the Rumba Kings section but there are some issues:
– In desktop, its all justified to the left (pic below) Could you fix this please?

– In mobile, the title (The Rumba Kings) does not appear right below header as it should, and also the first paragraph appears as second. The first paragraph is the one that starts with “For the world, the biggest…”. Normally, it should be title right below header, then first paragraph and then second with photos in between. The order of the photos is ok in mobile. Could you fix this please?

3. If you scroll down to “About The Director” section, it shows well in desktop but in mobile looks pretty bad, with no padding at left, and the image is not centered. Pics below, Could you please fix this?

3. As for the portfolios, Could you do explain how to turn this portfolio below
to a default layout like this?

Do I have to create a new portfolio from scratch or how? if you show me how to do one, I can do them all easily.

4. if you scroll down to media appearances, and click on any of them, they look good in desktop but not in mobile. These are the ones with the MP3 player

Thanks a lot for your help!