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    Donatos Dinis

    Can you please tell me how to remove the meets us link and popup page.
    Also I would like to remove some of the social icons on the bottom of the page.

    One last request is, how do I change the V logo image on the top of the page.

    I am working on the youtube video version html.

    Thank you.

    Donatos Dinis

    I found the V logo, it was text. fixed that.
    removed social icons.
    removed meet us link.
    thank you


    Hi Donatos,

    if you want to remove the meet us button you have to delete from the line 63 to 67:

    <div id="part2_1" class="fadeout_2_1">
    <div class="span2 offset2">
    <a href="#myModal" id="meetus" data-toggle="modal">MEET US</a>

    To remove the pop up you have to delete from the line 100 to 135:

    <div id="myModal" class="modal hide fade mee...

    To remove the social icons you have the delete the line you want from 183 to 192. For example, if you want to remove the Flickr icon, you have to delete the line 187:

    <a href="#" title="Flickr" data-gal="tooltip" data-placement="top" data-original-title="Flickr"><span class='symbol'>&#xe229;</span></a>

    To change the logo icon you have to edit the line 48:

    <a class="a-rounded" href="#" title=""><h1>V</h1></a>


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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