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    I purchased the theme couple of days back and was trying to work through it. The theme got installed correctly and also followed the steps of xml and txt import. Post that when I started creating the pages, there were dupliacte entries of all the pages and had to do a lot of altering. Can you please share more detailed information on documentation or point to such site?

    my site :

    In particular, I am having trouble with initial loading and also Features section. I am able to get some other section link like Blog etc. going..



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    sorry for the inconveniences. I have checked your code and ther is a javacript error. If you want to resolve it, you have to edit the file ‘sections/parallax.php/ from the Theme Editor and change all the code for this one:

    echo '
    	"use strict";
    	jQuery(\'.parallax-homepage\').parallax("50%", 0.5);
    	jQuery(\'.parallax-subscription\').parallax("50%", 0.5);
    	jQuery(\'.parallax-clients\').parallax("50%", 0.5);
    	jQuery(\'.parallax-twitter\').parallax("50%", 0.5);

    Anyway, I’m going to upload a new update the next week. With this new update, the theme is changed completely. I’m going to include Visual Composer so you will have to create the pages again with all the Visual Composer options and features (I will include a demo data to impor too), and you will be able to duplicate the sections you want.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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