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To fix that, you have to set height to the menu div. You have to edit the file index.html from the line 107 to 115:

<div class="row" style="height: 120px">
   <div class="col-md-2 col-md-offset-1" style="height: 120px">	    	
     <ul class="menu fadeOut-3">
        <li><a id="about" class="fadeOut-2" href="#" title="About"><span class="menu-back"></span>About</a></li>
	<!-- <li><a id="newsletter" class="fadeOut-2" href="#" title="Newsletter"><span class="menu-back"></span>Newsletter</a></li> -->
	<li class="last"><a id="contact" class="fadeOut-2" href="#" title="Contact"><span class="menu-back"></span>Contact</a></li>