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Hok Shun Poon

Hi Creabox,

Provided that there’s scope for minor tweaks and alterations, sure, we’re happy to go ahead for $10.

How can we get that money across to you so that you can start?

We want to make sure some sections can be enabled later — namely “Testimonial” section immediately after the Gallery, and some others.

With this in mind, I’ve revised order of sections we want:

Features [DISABLED by default]
Spotlight 1 (slide in from right)
Spotlight 1 (slide in from left)
Spotlight 1 (slide in from right)
Gallery (call it “Our Partners”)
Testimonial [DISABLED by default]
“Featured In…” (i.e. logos of press / blogs, like the “As seen in” section in
“Team” (= ‘Pricing’ modified to look like a “Team” section, with an image for each column, call it “Founders”. It must have some space for small descriptions)
Rotating tweets (@loafapp)
Newsletter (with added forename & last name fields, which are to be sent to Mailchimp)