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Hi Phil,

It’s a bug. I have to fit it.

Meanwhile, you can fix it in this way:

1- Go to the menu ‘plugin’ -> ‘editor’

2- Choose the plugin ‘Verde – Minimal…’ from the dropdown in the top right.

3- In the list on the right choose the file ‘verde_plugin/themes/footer.php’

4- In this file you have to replace the last line whith this code:

<?php endif; ?>

to this one:

<?php endif;
if (verde_top('skype_profile') != ''): ?>
				<a href="http://<?php echo verde_top('skype_profile')?>" target="_blank" title="Skype" data-gal="tooltip" data-placement="top" data-original-title="Skype"><img class="image1" src="<?php echo verde_product_info('extend_url'); ?>/themes/img/social/normal/skype.png" alt=""/><img class="image2" src="<?php echo verde_product_info('extend_url'); ?>/themes/img/social/hover/skype.png" alt=""/></a>
			<?php endif; ?>