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    I want to add a duplicate page of About. What are the steps to create?

    Also to delete the Newsletter link and page, what are the steps?




    Hi Paul,

    sorry for the delay.
    If you want to make those changes, you have to edit the code a lot. First you have to change the menu in the file index.html:

    <ul class="menu fadeOut-3">
    				    	<li><a id="about" class="fadeOut-2" href="#" title="About"><span class="menu-back"></span>About</a></li>
    				    	<li><a id="newsletter" class="fadeOut-2" href="#" title="Newsletter"><span class="menu-back"></span>Newsletter</a></li>
    				    	<li class="last"><a id="contact" class="fadeOut-2" href="#" title="Contact"><span class="menu-back"></span>Contact</a></li>

    Then, in the file scripts.js you have to add the animations for the new section. Copy the about animations and change the ‘ID’:

    $("#ID").click(function() {

    If you prefer, I can change the theme for you. Give me your new section name and your email and I will send you the theme modified.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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