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    I hope you can help me. Referring to URL: http://www.meetjym.com

    We created a new page called: “FAQs” which was not available when we customised the theme. The allocated developer via envato created the new page, and even created a heading in the menu tab.

    When clicking on the heading it does not take you to the FAQ Section. After going back and fourth he was unable to resolve the issue and hence asked me to contact you regarding this.

    The ironic thing is, you are able to right click and select: “open in a new tab” and it will take you there, but not when you left click.

    If your cursor hovers above the tab, then it comes up the url at the bottom (www.meetjym.com/faqs). He created a temporary solution by creating a menu tab, and then created a sub category underneath this which took you the FAQ page. However, as you can image it is pointless having a subcategory when there is only one option.

    Can you please advise on this urgently. The new page has been created, however we are unable to click on it, only right clicking and selecting “open in new tab” takes you to the page.



    in the option Custom JS in the page Appearance > Theme Options > Custom Scripts, you have to add the next code:


    Everything is explained in the documentation, in the section Theme Option Panel > General.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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